We carry out contracts for applications that exist within the industry and municipality.
Refrigerators feature a very high reliability and superb operating economics.

Performance ranges from about 75 kW up to 10 MW with normal temperaturerer (± 0 ° C) and at temperatures down to -50 ° C is the capacity range 20kW to 5MW.

Of course, the technology is environmentally safe and is according to "The state of the art", which is expected today.
Typical applications include companies in

- Heat pump
- District heating /cooling

Ice Rinks
- Ice hockey rinks
- Bandy rinks
- Curling
- Skating track

Food Industry
- Breweries
- Ice creamfactorys
- Slaughterhouses
- Freezing
- Central cold storages

- Tube ice plants
- RSW-cooling

- Metallurgical
- Drying of gases
- Pharmaceutical
- Liquifaction
- Process cooling
- Gas compression
- Bio gas treatment

- LG-storage
- Product cooling
- Dew point control